Saturday, January 23, 2021

It all began in 1982 ...


The wisdom of God’s Word and His personal love led me to give Him my life … I made Jesus my LORD, not just my Savior.

He gave me His Life in return. With a new heart and new eyes I began to see things differently. I drew near to God and He drew near to me.


In 1984 I awakened at 3 a.m. to “see” glistening white birds in flight. As I looked closer, they were open Bibles with the Word of God in letters of gold. I began learning calligraphy to offer Scripture on everything – paper, marble, wood, tile, canvas, cars, mirrors, metal (etc.). After years of the ebb and flow of life in His care, I am still fulfilling His vision: holding forth His Word of Life (Phil 2:16).


I pray that what you see blesses you ... and leads you to hide His Word in your heart. I would be honored to join you in displaying His Word where it can inspire and call higher.


I love a challenge!


Diane Blythe


D'Scribe of Dallas - Scripture Calligrapher!
Diane Lafving Blythe

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